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If you would like a custom Trusted Agent graphic, please fill out the form below with your production numbers.
Need help finding your numbers? Scroll down for instructions.

Trusted Agent Graphic Form

Thanks for submitting! We will provide you with a story and feed post on the following business day. 

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Need help finding your numbers?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to look up production in the MLS.

  1. Go to Quick Search

  2. Select the Status of Closed, then select “See All and Select Date Ranges…”

  3. Check the box next to Close of Escrow date and enter 01/01/2023 to 06/31/2023

  4. Next, scroll down and find an empty white box with a green plus (+) sign that says “Add a field to the search“. Click on this box and type the word “member” (no quotes).

  5. From the pop-up that appears, select Listing/Selling Member. This will add a field to your search that looks like this.

  6. Enter your name or MLS ID in the search box and click Find.

  7. Enter the number of transactions and the dollar amount in the form on this page, along with how you want your name to appear, and we will get make a graphic highlighting your production that you can share on social media!

  8. Click on the CMA button on the top right, and select the Statistical Buyer’s CMA to get a snapshot of your production so far this year.  Since this only tracks the transactions in the MLS, add in any off market or new build transactions you have had this year to your total.

  9. Click View Results to see your transactions!

  10. Ensure that you have selected Or and not And in the Listing/Selling Member box. If you select And, you will only be searching transactions that you double-ended (represented both buyer and seller).

  11. Highlight your name when it appears in the results, and check all four boxes to the right: Listing Member, Co-Listing Member, Selling Member, Co-Selling Member. This will ensure you pull all of your transactions, whether you represented the buyer or seller (or both!).

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